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I’m Sara Spellman and I’m a Practical Gypsy, trying to balance keeping up with my job in Corporate America, a healthy lifestyle, and my love for travel and new surrounding, and my desire to make the world a more beautiful place and help people look and feel their best. (Yes- this is a lot to juggle) I went to Aesthetics school after college and worked in salons and in the beauty retail world trying to help people have the best skin possible and look their best. After struggling with and over coming some of my own person yet very “fixable” health issues I realized you have to cut out the chemicals and go more natural. I slowly started into a more natural life style- with diet and exercise and then started adding in other alternatives to the processed lifestyle. It was about 3 years ago my good friend Megan got me to take the plunge in really using essential oils. Since she used Young Living and I heard good things about them, I started out small and kept researching uses and different oils and my collection grew and the amount I used Young Living in my daily life kept increasing- using them for cooking, skin care, mood & hormone balance you mean it I’ll see if I can find “an oil for that” I am in love with they skin care products- they are better than anything else I have tried. When Savvy Minerals came out I was unsure if I could give up my long time favorites but I have been replacing my cosmetics a little at a time, new Savvy Minerals almost every month. I’m happy to say that after about 3 years I am “the girl who has an oil for that (fill in the blank)” and I want to share the benefits of oils with others. Please contact me for more information.

Favorite oils: Lady Sclareol, Lavender and Citrus Fresh

Contact me: 615-364-0317 or